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Is this the VIAL?!

Initiates is a wealth of news, even when you do not expect them.
Are you following the Lost Memories? If yes good for you, if no… well you lost a tidbit that I am going to describe.
In the “Desmond Files” on 14-10-2012 there was a “Funeral for a friend”, that is the beloved/hated Lucy Stillman. In the image of the memory (shown there) you get a glimpse of something sparkling in the left hand of this mysterious person, many of you thought it was a mobile phone (a Watch_Dogs easter egg) while in a second time (when it first appeared) it was supposed it was the famous Vial.
Well, now this second hypothesis seems to be confirmed: in fact this very memory has been inserted in the Lost Memories category “Eden, in Pieces”, should I add more?
So: we can not say it is a Vial for sure (even if dimensions and shape do not leave doubts) but it is sure that it is a PoE.
And in the case it is a Vial… well, those who played AC4 knows why it is in that scene. And the hype about the character in the image is growing!

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